Animations & Interactive Works by Marieke Verbiesen




"In this playful animated musicvideo monsters move to the beats & melody of the music. The characters come into existance after a failure in a laboratory, from which they manage to escape and find their way into the city, leaving a path of desctruction behind"

Animated Musicvideo - Production Marieke Motiondesign Distrubution by Norsk Film Instititutt
Runtime : 00:03:42



"An ordinairy day soon turns into mayhem when characters get trapped in a game, and all hell breaks loose"

Animated short - Production Marieke Motiondesign - commisioned by Cityshorts OneDotZero & British Film Institute

Runtime 00:04:55

Verdronken Land

"A short movie illustrating the history of the small city of Steenbergen which has a rich history of fighting of various faces of danger such as wild horsemen, water, fire, and ofcourse, UFO┬┤s...oh wait..thats the future!"

Animated short - Commisioned by: BKKC

Runtime: 00:01:26


Nordic Folk Legends

"Nordic Folk Legends is based on the legend of Thor & his magical hammer Mjollnir, batteling other characters hailing from Nordic Myths."

Animated short for MTV - commisioned by OnedotZero & MTV Bloom.

Runtime: 00:01:00



Moviestar moulds old and new media together in order to create a reallife moving filmset. Classic 16mm film, animation, robotics, sound and motiontracking are used to simulate a real life filmset where visitors play the mainrole. Moviestar was the winning project of Workspace 2009; a contest for artists whose work explores the convergence of moving images and fine arts and was presented at the Museum for Moving Image, New York, USA



Pole Postion

Pole Position is an interactive race game where the digital and the physical world meet and compete, born from the human desire to recreate digital environments, and reshape them to our own physical world.
Users play the game with with a custommade joystick that controls a small reallife car and moving elements in the installation competing against digitally generated objects in a race against time.



Plan 10

Plan 10 is a virtual instrument, that creates sequences of sound, lights and animated video that users control trough a controlboard, where they can sequence events projected in a tactile miniature sciencefiction city.

Commisioned by Portland Institute for Contemporary Art


Live Animation

In this performance stopmotion animations are made live on the stage building up to a variaty of clips in sync with the music, using live-animation as a VJ-tool, creating an abstract narrative with paper cutouts, day-glow erasers, candy-canes and glow sticks, showing loops of the evolving animated composition. Performed in New York, Berlin, London, Copenhagen, Oslo, Amsterdam & Portland.